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The WikiWord-Thesaurus is a multilingual Thesaurus derived from Wikipedia by extracting lexical and semantic information. It was originally developed for a diploma thesis at the University of Leipzig. Development is continued by Wikimedia Deutschland.

Note: only extracts for specific topics are available for download right now. This is due mainly to the sheer size of the dump files. Full SQL dumps are available upon request. For the next release, we plan to make full RDF dumps available again.

Updates The original thesaurus was created in 2008, using data from late 2007. An update thesaurus is due to be released soon. Wikimedia Deutschland plans to release new versions on a regular basis.

Licensing The thesaurus as such is generated automatically and thus considered to be in the public domain. It is not created from textual content, but from the structure of Wikipedia articles, and Wikipedia as a whole. No database protection rights are claimed or enforced.

Some data sets may however contain concept definitions taken directly from Wikipedia - these are licensed GFDL (for newer versions, this will be CC-BY-SA 3.0), the authorship can be determined by looking at the page history of the respective Wikipedia article.