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Acting on the online release of visitor data provided by the White House, Sunlight Labs mechanically matched the names of White House visitors to names in,,, Google and Wikipedia.

For each White House visitor, you can look up if they have given campaign contributions on the national or state level, their profile on and their Google and Wikipedia search results. This is a starting point for research. It is up to users to determine the actual identity of White House visitors.

Sunlight makes no assurances of the accuracy of any link provided. Should you encounter an inaccurate link, please contact us, and we'll remove the link. Theres no guarantee that a John Smith listed in the White Houses log is any given John Smith on a Google search results page, so use the information with caution. The visitor logs may not be complete, as the White House has chosen to withhold certain names for reasons of national security, political sensitivity, privacy or other concerns, but it is unclear how many visitors fall under those categories. The current records cover September 15 - November, 2009. Information is delayed by 3-4 months before being released by the White House.

The White House has promised to release data on a monthly basis.