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From the website:

Website Attica complements and enhances the published volumes of Persons of Ancient Athens. The addenda et corrigenda to the published volumes, which are issued as a supplement to PAA periodically, are regularly updated at this web site. Searches may be made 10,000 names of the ATHENIANS database in beta, gamma, and delta (second half of volume 4, the whole of volume 5, and the first third of volume 6). The possible searches range from selecting every person in a particular deme or of a specified profession to more sophisticated searches, e.g. to find all Athenians who lived between specified years and/or are related to a certain person and/or are attested in a class of document, etc.

Openness: OPEN (?)

    License: not specified and underlying material published in a book which is undoubtedly copyrighted.

    Access: poor.

    www: difficult to use search system

    bulk: no.