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University of Huddersfield -- Circulation and Recommendation Data





Circulation and Recommendation data from the href="">University of Huddersfield Library. Data is comprised of two parts:

1. Circulation Data. This breaks down the loans by year, by academic school, and by individual academic courses. This data will primarily be of interest to other academic libraries. UK academic libraries may be able to directly compare borrowing by matching up their courses against ours (using the UCAS course codes).

2. Recommendation Data. This is the data which drives the "people who borrowed this, also borrowed" suggestions in our OPAC. This data had previously been exposed as a web service with a non-commercial licence, but is now freely available for you to download. We've also included data about the number of times the suggested title was borrowed before, at the same time, or afterwards.

Background information is available at href="">Dave Pattern's blog post of 2008-12-28.

Access/Re-use Fully open. Data is made available under terms of either href="">CC0 or href="">PDDL.