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From website:

Unearthed Outdoors is proud to present our line of full color global imagery. Our True Marble imagery is some of the most realistic medium resolution imagery available on the market. At 15 meter resolution, this true color imagery can be used for:

    GIS  web mapping applications

    High Definition Television (HDTV) effects (weather, movies, news)

    Flight Simulation

    Terrain Simulation  Visualization

    Oil  Gas Visualization

It was built from the best available Landsat scenes which have been chosen to optimize vegetation quality and to reduce the cloud cover. These orthorectified scenes were fed into proprietary, advanced, color adjustment algorithms to produce true color imagery while reducing atmospheric haze. This imagery was optimized to produce the most natural color while maintaining a high local contrast and dynamic range, resulting in a significant improvement over similar products.


A reduced resolution of the True Marble, Global True Marble, is available for free download. This dataset can be used to preview pending purchases, or for any other usage. We only ask that copyright be attributed to Unearthed Outdoors when reproduced.

Format From website:

Two types of files are available for download: GeoTIFF and PNG. The GeoTIFF files are better suited for GIS programs, but are generally a larger file size. The PNG files are for general image processing programs, but are not georeferenced. Most of these files are much too large for your web browser to display, so save the file directly to disk.


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