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The Trans-Atlantic slave trade database has information on almost 35,000 slaving voyages.

Information on the main dataset (our download url) from the href="">downloads page:

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade SPSS Database (expanded data set)

The 2010 version of the transatlantic slave trade database contains 34,948 voyages compared to 34,940 in 2008 (and 27,233 in the 1999 version of the database that appeared on CD-ROM). However, since 2008, several hundred corrections have been made and additional information added. Thus 86 of the 2008 voyages have been deleted either because we found they had been entered twice, or because we discovered that a voyage was not involved in the transatlantic slave trade. Voyage id 16772, the Pye, Captain Adam, turned out to have carried slaves from Jamaica to the Chesapeake, but obtained its captives in Jamaica, not Africa. Offsetting the deletions are 94 voyages added on the basis of new information. Further many voyages that are common to both 2008 and 2010 versions of the database contain information that was not available in 2008 (see table 1 of Understanding the Database). The 2010 version has 276 variables, compared with 99 in the Voyages Database available online. Users interested in working with this larger data set can download it in a file formatted for use with SPSS software. A variable in this dataset (EVGREEN) identifies voyages on the CD-ROM version published in 1999. Because some users may find it useful to view data as it existed in 1999, the CD-ROM version can also be selected for download. A codebook describing all variable names, variable labels, and values of the expanded dataset can be downloaded as a separate PDF document. With only a few exceptions, it retains variable names in the original 1999 CD-ROM version. The 2008 version of the database may also be downloaded.

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    "Historical": Public Domain

    "Imputed": Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

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Data drawn from historical documents is public domain and therefore not restricted. Imputed data (indicated with an asterisk, *, in the Voyages Database, and all data in the Estimates Database) is licensed through a Creative Commons license. Visit the Creative Commons website for more information on the limits of this license.

Marking as public domain since the historical data is public domain and this seems to be the core of the dataset linked above.