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The UK Civil Society Almanac





The Civil Society Almanac brings together all the most relevant data on the size and scope of civil society in the UK. It draws on data from a sample of charity accounts, as well as information from government surveys, academic research and research by voluntary organisations.

The Almanac is NCVOs flagship research output, which synthesyses data on a wide range of voluntary sector topics, focussing on providing a robust description othe size and scope of the sector.

Originally the UK Voluntary Sector Almanac, in 2008 it became the Civil Society Almanac. This change meant gave the Almanac wider coverage, expanding the focus from core general charities sector to also include co-operatives, mutuals, universities, trade unions, political parties and other civil society organisations.

The statistics within the Almanac cover the following aspects of civil society:

Number of organisations

  Geographical distribution
  Functions and classification of organisatons
  Incoming resources
  Expenditure and costs
  Balance sheet, assets and investments
  Members and beneficiaries
  Charitable giving

The main way that users access data is through the hard copy book. However, a number of web-resources are also available.