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A collection of material ancient and modern about the ancient Christian Latin writer Tertullian and his writings.

Openness: ? No obvious license, though looks to be open project, e.g. on about page states:

A word about copyright; I don't want to pick a fight with anyone over this. I have digitised some academic articles, and translated some, in the general interest of making the opinions of scholars available. (I myself remember looking at the footnotes in Barnes and wondering how on earth I could ever get to read any of them). As a rule these are old, and must be out of copyright, but are still of interest. From more modern stuff I have excerpted interesting bits. It's not easy for me to find the right words on this. I want people to be able to read articles. I can't imagine that people write them to be unread. But I don't want to usurp anyone's rights. So I have tried to ensure that I don't violate any copyright, or have obtained the permission of the author where necessary, and where I know how to contact them. The way that emails to publishers are ignored makes this very difficult. Naturally I may have gone over the line sometimes. If anyone feels that I have infringed their copyright, please email me, and we'll work something out. I would hope that no-one who is paid by the taxpayer to research and publish would really want to try to stop as large a public as possible reading the results! On the other hand, an official site would be a far better home for a scholarly article. Do remember that if I spent some of my time typing in your article, it's because I'm a fan of your work! ...