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The National Public Transport Data Repository (traveline)





Data created by href="">traveline and used by (among others) href="">transportdirect. From href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

The third snapshot of the traveline data was taken in October 2006. It was based on the data that traveline was using in one week in October 2006.

Guidance Notes were available to describe the data formats that were preferred for the submission. The data is still being processed.


Access to the repository is at and can also be accessed by ftp. Address: (if this does not work try Look out for the pdf file "Web Site User Guide".

A username and password is needed. One is being issued to each local authority and may be issued to anyone doing accessibility planning for a public sector client.

If you need a password ask NPTDR Data Manager at Thales.

Openness: NOT OPEN

    License: need a license for commercial use [1].

    Access: access to download ftp site is restricted. Appears to be by ftp for those with requisite permissions.

[1] according to href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

NPTDR data is now being made available under commercial licence to those who are working on projects whether they are inside or outside the public sector.

Discussed at href="">Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02.