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The IBL Corpus





The IBL Corpus was collected by the University of Plymouth and the University of Edinburgh as part of the EPSRC funded project IBL, Instruction-based Learning for Mobile Robots (GR/M90023, GR/M90160). IBL focused on the problem of how natural language instructions can be used by an intelligent embodied agent to build a hierarchy of complex functions based on a limited set of low-level perceptual, motor and cognitive functions. The collected corpus consists of human instructions (in English, of 24 different native speakers) that explain a robot, situated in a miniature town, how to navigate from its current location to a certain destination.

Downloads The distribution comprises a gzipped tarfile of all wavefiles (58780334 KB) and a file with transcriptions.

Openness Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute copies of the IBL Corpus for research or educational purpose only. This License applies to any audio and text files described in this document (IBL Corpus) which the members of this project make publicly available.