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1.8 million pages of U.S. case law available with no restrictions. From the href="">README:

This file is and was last revised on Mon Feb 11 08:19:53 PST 2008. This directory contains:

    The b subdirectory contains books. See the index file for more information.

    The c subdirectory contains 1,858 volumes of case law converted to XHTML.

    The f subdirectory contains our initial release of some experiments in ultrafiche scanning. See the readme for more information.

    The hein subdirectory contains the Federal Cases, donated by William S. Hein  Co. See the readme for more information.

    The pacer subdirectory contains documents recycled from the U.S. PACER system. See for more information.

The c subdirectory contains the initial release of case law. This is an initial release and the data will be extensively reformatted. If you are going to mirror this data, please grab the tarballs, not the individual files. The data are available using the following protocols:

    Via FTP at

    Via HTTP at

    Via rsync at rsync://

    Via bittorrent at [not yet fully operational]

A few commments about the formatting of the case law:

    We started with bulk data from Fastcase, which you are welcome to use in the c/raw subdirectory.

    You can use our transformation code without restriction. The alpha release is in the raw/code subdirectory.

    All files are stamped with a CC0 label and we are asserting these are Works of the United States Government. You can learn more about CCZERO on the Creative Commons wiki.

    A SHA-1 hash is computed on all files and be viewed in the individual volume indices. It would be better if the United States government signed their own opinions, but this intermediate step allows you to verify the integrity of the files.

    The c/css subdirectory contains the core case and print sheets and an index style sheet.

Openness: OPEN

    License: CCZero

    Access: good. Bulk via ftp with good instructions etc.