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Terrorism in Western Europe: Events Data (TWEED)





The data set Terrorism in Western Europe: Events Data, TWEED, has been

  constructed and collected by Jan Oskar Engene for the purpose of analysing
  patterns of terrorism in Western Europe as related to historical and
  structural preconditions (see Jan Oskar Engene: Europeisk terrorisme: Vold,
  stat og legitimitet, Oslo: Tano, 1994;  Patterns of terrorism in Western
  Europe, 1950-1995, Dr.polit. dissertation, Department of comparative politics,
  University of Bergen, 1998; Terrorism in Western Europe: Explaining the trends
  since 1950, Cheltenham UK/Northampton MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 2004).

TWEED contains information on events related to internal (domestic) terrorism

  in 18 countries in Western Europe. The time period covered is 1950 to 2004. By
  focussing on  internal terrorism, the  TWEED data set only includes events
  initiated by agents originating in the West European countries. In other
  words, international terrorism, or terrorist acts imported from outside the
  West European countries, has been excluded from the TWEED data set. The TWEED
  data set is based on a single news source: Keesings Record of World Events
  (Keesings Contemporary Archives).