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A whole set of databases/datasets relating to international relations (wars, military etc). Have a nice, shiny front-end named FIRST href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> (Facts on International Relations and Security Trends) which incorporates data from a whole bunch of other places.

List of databases on the databases page:

Facts on International Relations and Security Trends database

    A country profiles database with at present 38 tables from several institutes.

Multilateral Peace Operations Database

    Contains information on all UN and non-UN peace operations from 2000 - present.

SIPRI data on military expenditure

    The database, which covers approximately 165 countries, contains time series on military expenditure for the period since 1988 in (a) local currency, at current prices; (b) constant (2005) US dollars (millions); and (c) as a share (%) of gross domestic product (GDP).

SIPRI data on arms transfers

    The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database contains information on all transfers of seven categories of major conventional weapons from 1950 to the present day

SIPRI data on arms production

    The SIPRI arms industry database contains financial data and employment data for arms-producing companies. Data on the arms sales and employment of the 100 largest arms-producing companies are presented annually in the SIPRI Top 100.

Database on national export control systems

    Summary information about the export control system of a particular country.

Openness: NOT OPEN

    License: very restrictive. See below.

    Access: see tags.

For FIRST href="">copyright statement says:

The data in FIRST is copyrighted by the organization that provides the data. The name and Internet address of each organization is provided with its data. Reproduction of data in any medium, electronic or printed, is authorized only by the permission of the organization.

A request for permission to reproduce data in FIRST belonging to SIPRI should be submitted to the SIPRI Publications Department.

No standard disclaimer for other DBs but href="">SIPRI military expenditure database page states:

You may freely download or cite text and data presented by SIPRI on the Internet. Any reproduction - in any medium, electronic or printed - of text or data presented by SIPRI, or the creation of any links to SIPRI sites, is authorized only on request. Permission may be granted provided that:

    A request for permission is submitted to SIPRI. A request must include your full name, where you are from, your affiliation, and for what purposes you require the data.

    Attribution to SIPRI in a source credit-line is given, including the phrase "Information from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), URL ADDRESS". This applies to both citations and reproduction.

When text or data are to be used for commercial purposes, and once permission has been obtained, the parties will negotiate a reasonable royalty for such commercial use.

Individual documents may have different copyright conditions, which are noted on those documents.