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The data includes all publicly traded firms that had a market capitalization greater than $5 million on January 1, 2010 for non-US firms and all publicly traded companies for US firms. Uses Value Line for the US data updates, but a combination of Bloomberg and Capital IQ data for non-US firms, with an overlay of modified industry categories. In addition to having the data by region (US, Japan, Emerging Markets and Europe), there is also a global summary that lists items like beta and multiples for each sector for all companies listed globally.With the U.S. data, there is an extra feature, at least for the risk measures and multiples, where the averages are broken by market cap class.

Separate data sets for India and China. Included companies from both markets in the emerging market dataset, each of these markets is now large enough (2000 firms plus) to allow for separate analysis. [Amended from text on the website]

License License is unclear. Much of the appears to have been sourced from third-party sources such as Bloomberg and then modified or reorganized.