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Standard Names and Codes (SNAC): Office for National Statistics





SNAC is a database providing tables of ONS standard names and codes for a range of UK geographies. It enables users to relate areas to their respective geographic hierarchies. The database also offers alternative administrative area names and codes used by Communities and Local Government (CLG) and the Department of Health (DH). SNAC is released annually and includes information up to the end of December.

SNAC provides information on a range of geographies including Output Areas/Super Output Areas, and various administrative, electoral and health areas. A full listing of geographies covered is provided in the User Guide.

(Sourced direct from: ONS website)

Product Details SNAC is an MS Access 2002 database (MS Access 97 and MS Access 2000 formats are available on request - please contact us ). It is also available in MS Excel, but with reduced content and functionality. The SNAC User Guide found in the Downloads section provides further details on the product.

Issues Some unitary authorities are missing SNAC ids.