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Sri Lanka: electronic - Development Information Management System (e-DIMS)





Database of all development aid assistance to Sri Lanka

Details The electronic Development Information Management System Sri Lanka (e-DIMS Sri Lanka) is an automated information management system which is designed to improve efficiency and coordination of donor activities in the country. It is also a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing aid flows. The system serves as the main database and data collection and reporting system as it ensures effective access to development data.

The main objectives of the e-DIMS Sri Lanka is to serve as a reliable and credible source of information on overall donor contributions to Sri Lankas reconstruction, economic recovery and socio-economic development, as well as to support the Government in effectively managing development assistance and promoting the accountable and transparent use of resources.

The e-DIMS Sri Lanka is presently composed of three applications each of which deals with a different dataset. These applications are the following: Development Aid, Organisation Profile, Tsunami Aid.

The Development Aid Database (DAD) programme which captured information in relation to aid received in furtherance of the post tsunami rehabilitation efforts, was taken over by this Ministry and has now been amended to capture all development aid received through non-budgetary sources, i.e. aid which is not channeled through the Government budget. The amended software programme has been re-named the electronic Development Information Management System (e-DIMS), and is being managed by this Ministry.

Database split in to two components: Development aid and Tsunami Aid