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Spanish national budget 2008-2011





The annual Spanish government budget is published annualy by the Ministerio de Economa y Hacienda (equivalent to UK's Treasury) in their website. Before trying to understand the actual figures, it's highly recommended to read the Blue Book (Libro Azul) in order to understand the budget structure.

Both the budget initially proposed by the government and the version approved by the Parliament are available, but the resource linked in this package is the latter.

Two versions of the budget are made available: first, the information is released as a set of PDF-only "books" (expenses, income, personnel...); additionally, the same information is broken down into its smallest components, with one file per department and expense programme. In this latter case, an HTML version of the files is also made available, which is much more convenient for automated processing.

The budget files can either be accessed online or downloaded in a single ZIP file.

A spreadsheet containing expenses aggregated by function is included. Some work has been done to manually map the Spanish categories into Cofog, but only for Level 1. This is very much work in progress and not reviewed.