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National statistics for Slovakia

Access Some pre-defined tables available via website, including an option to export in XML.

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Also material is made available via Slovakstat, which requires registration to use:

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Data Topics include:


    Social statistics

    Macroeconomic Statistics

    Foreign Trade (INTRASTAT)

    Business Statistics

    Organizational Statistics

    Statistics of Agriculture and Forestry

    Statistics Relating to Many Areas

    Election Statistics

    Public Opinion

Openness No information found pertaining to tables displayed on the main website.

Material on Slovakstat requires permission for re-distribution. href="">Slovakstat page says:

The data accessible to system users are the intellectual property of the Statistical Office of the SR and are protected by the law of authorship. It is necessary to refer to the Statistical Office of the SR, the database SLOVSTAT as a source when using any data of the database SLOVSTAT in own works and documents. Their spreading to other persons is conditioned by the agreement of the Statistical Office of the SR. (see the contact)