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Reference Database of Immune Cells





From home page: "RefDIC is an open-access database of quantitative mRNA/Protein profiles specifically for immune cells."

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RefDIC is an open resource compendium of quantitative mRNA/Protein profile data specifically for immune cells. You can easily retrieve various aspects of mRNA/Protein profiles of immune cells from RefDIC. We will extend and update the contents of RefDIC on a regular basis to offer information platform that fully exploits the power of genomics in immunology.

This database has been constructed with a continuous support, valuable research inputs and feedback comments from our colleagues at RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology (RCAI). We greatly appreciate their thoughtful collaboration on the RefDIC project.

Openness: Not Open (Commercial restrictions) Multiple claims that it is 'open-access' but in fact states in its href="">faq:

Is all of the data in this database available for free?

Yes. All of the data in RefDIC is freely available as long as it is not used for commercial purposes. If you belong to a commercial entitiy, please contact us.

    License: FAIL. not specified and appears to have non-commercial restrictions.

    Access: PASS. All data available for download in tab-delimited format.