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Project-Level Aid (PLAID)





The objective of Project-Level Aid (PLAID) is to create a web-accessible database on development finance. The final product will include information on every individual project committed by bilateral and multilateral aid donors since 1973.

Details The PLAID database is not currently publically accessable.

The PLAID project began at the College of William and Mary in 2002. Very quickly their research questions demanded data beyond what was currently available from the OECD CRS both in terms of donor coverage and in the quality of descriptive data. They soon partnered with Brigham Young University to tackle the large task of assimilating and standardising development finance data. The College of William and Mary and Brigham Young University are equal partners in the PLAID project.

The core of the PLAID project, the PLAID database, currently encompasses multilateral and bilateral donor projects spanning the years 1970-2007, with new projects added daily. It contains information from traditional aid sources such as the OECDs Creditor Reporting System (CRS) as well as donors not captured by the CRS and activities that do not fit the OECD definition of Official Development Assistance (ODA). In cooperation with the OECD CRS, PLAID augments existing data by publishing more complete project descriptions and more detailed aid project purpose codes, health codes, and environment codes. This allows those interested in development finance to gain a more detailed understanding of past and present trends in aid.

A central goal of PLAID is to build upon the CRSs substantial data by improving where possible upon long descriptions of development projects to allow improved categorization of projects and keyword searching of project purposes and activities.