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Pakistan Development Assistance Database (DAD)





Database of development aid assistance to Pakistan

Details The Development Assistance Database for Pakistan (DAD - Pakistan ) application is an aid management solution promoting good governance and public accountability and transparency. It is an automated information management system which is designed to improve efficiency and coordination of donor activities in the country. It is also a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing aid flows. The system serves as the main database and data collection and reporting system for the donor and NGO community as it ensures effective access to aid data.

  The Government of Pakistan is committed to the transparent, accountable and efficient use of development assistance provided to Pakistan. In order to foster aid effectiveness, the Government of Pakistan has established a Development Assistance Database (DAD).
  The DAD provides project-level information on commitments, disbursements, and expenditures by donor, implementer, sector, and geographic location. This information is accessible to everyone. The data in DAD has been entered by development partners of the Government of Pakistan.