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For more intense work, we have a CSV-formatted data dump of all our airports, countries, and regions, which we update every night. You can download these files and open them with almost any spreadsheet program or import them into your own database. You can even use them to set up your own, competing airport web site if you'd like! We'd love you to give us credit, like we give credit to our sources, but you're not required to.

Openness: OPEN From data download page.

DOWNLOAD AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! We hereby release all of these files into the Public Domain, with no warranty of any kind By downloading any of these files, you agree that, Megginson Technologies Ltd., and anyone involved with the web site or company hold no liability for anything that happens when you use the data, including (but not limited to) computer damage, lost revenue, flying into cliffs, or a general feeling of drowsiness that persists more than two days.

Other formats An RDF version is available: href="/package/data-incubator-our-airports">package:data-incubator-our-airports