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What is the ODP? The ODP (Open Dinosaur Project) is a collaborative research effort, focused on developing a comprehensive database of limb bone measurements for dinosaurs. By collaborative, we truly mean it anyone is allowed to contribute to the database. We will focus on measurements in the literature as well as original measurements taken directly from specimens. For Phase I of the project, we will use the data to look at patterns of limb bone evolution in ornithischian dinosaurs, and how it relates to the evolution of locomotion in this group. Preliminary results and analyses will be blogged at this website, and all participants will be included as junior authors on the resulting scientific paper, unless they request otherwise.

What is the project timeline? We aim to finish data collection by 1 February 2010, finish data analysis and begin writing the paper by 1 March 2010, and submit the paper for peer review by 1 April 2010.

May I use the data for my own research? Yes, you may although we ask that you hold off on publication of any results until we have had a chance to complete the initial publication of our own study. The reason for this is that we feel it is important for our volunteers and project leaders to get their chance at the rewards of this project (which have very real implications for tenure, promotion, graduate school admission, etc.) without being scooped. Once we have published the initial results, all of the data incorporated into the study are completely fair game. Also, we would love to know if you are using the database for your own research it makes us happy to know that others find it useful!