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Crowd-sourced data on May 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.



Openness Not clear: cannot find any explicit statement regarding how the collected data is licensed to others. For the API you have to sign up and no bulk download seems to be available though there is an href="">rss feed. Stated that San Diego Visualization Centre is hosting the data.

State on pop-up on home page:

Know that all data reported on Oil Reporter is PUBLIC. If you dont want to

  share information with the public, Oil Reporter isnt for you. This is an open
  data sharing initiative. All data is open and this includes the location of the
  data. So dont do silly things like take pictures of people or upload anything
  you dont want to be made public. Seriously, it will be public. Very public.
  Check out our privacy statement.

Also have a very detailed href="">terms of service which are very clear that contributors license the data to crisis commons but does not seem to state what situation is for those wanting to get the data from crisis commons.