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nomis - Official UK Labour Market statistics (ONS)





Official (UK) labour market statistics. In addition to a standard human-usable web interface, on 2010-03-15 a REST API was released:

This is the Nomis RESTful API you can use it to perform a variety of structural discovery and data download requests. We have support for SDMX (presented as either XML or JSON), RSS feeds, CSV, JSON data downloads, Microsoft Excel downloads and a custom JavaScript class.

According to the release notes, in includes:

    Support for discovery in SDMX format (Structure documents) presented as XML or JSON

    Download SDMX Generic Data (presented as XML or JSON), SDMX Compact Data and Compact Schema, simple JSON format, Comma Separated Values (csv), Microsoft Excel (xls), RSS Data Feed and custom JavaScript data class

    Query Building option to help formulate URIs

    Query Summary option to show what a URI specifies

    Codes based on Nomis internal codes

Known issues include:

    For this version of the API, codes are based on Nomis internal codes so, for example geographic areas are not referenced by standard mnemonics. In future releases we intend to incorporate support for standard codes

    Searching complete geography codelists for some datasets (for example Claimant Count with Rates and Proportions) can be slow due to processing a large list of codes. In future releases the search speed will be optimised.

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