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From website: is a directory of New Zealand government datasets.

Openness: ? (Depends) Website content is CC-BY but this isn't relevant to the data as href="">Terms of use make clear (datasets are licensed by respective agencies):

4. Licence to reuse Links and Feedback on does not cover the actual datasets Please note that the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand licence referred to above applies only to copyright Links and Feedback on itself. It does not apply to the actual datasets themselves. links to those datasets but the datasets themselves are not on this Site. They are on the websites of their source agencies.

5. Re-use rights for the datasets themselves The licences that apply to the datasets themselves (if any) are selected by the source agencies. Where we know the licence that applies to a given dataset listed on, we endeavour to list it on this site. However, any questions regarding the licence applying to a given dataset should be directed to that datasets source agency.