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From the website:

What is MIDAS?

MIDAS sets out an agreed list of the items or 'units' of information that should be included in an inventory or other systematic record of the historic environment. These units of information are grouped together under broad headings or 'information schemes'. These cover areas such as Monument Character, Events, People and Organisation etc. It is a 'content' standard or 'metadata' standard for historic environment information. Standards for indexing under each 'unit of information' to assist retrieval of information are contained in the INSCRIPTION standard. See the FISH website for further details of INSCRIPTION.

Why is MIDAS important?

A vast body of knowledge and understanding of the historic environment is held in a wide variety of 'inventories', maintained by national bodies of record, local authorities, museums, amenity groups, individual and university based researchers. To make the best use of this store of information, especially where these resources are available on the internet, it is important there is a shared understanding of what information should be recorded. MIDAS sets out that shared understanding, based on the experience of many of the key organisations involved in the collection and dissemination of information about the historic environment.

How has MIDAS developed?

MIDAS developed during 1996-1998 from the work of a committee set up to co-ordinate standards across English national and local inventories. That work is now taken forward under the auspices of FISH, with a view to extending the MIDAS standard to be relevant to other regions in the U.K. and Ireland.

A second edition of MIDAS is now planned. You can find out more about current developments on the MIDAS updates page.

How should MIDAS be used?

MIDAS can be used to plan the content of a new inventory, for example to support a new recording project, or to audit the existing content of an inventory, and identify any useful additional information. MIDAS is designed to be an open standard, that can be applied in a variety of ways to different sorts of inventory records.

Who is MIDAS for?

MIDAS is intended to be used by a wide variety of heritage projects including:

   * Local societies and amenity groups.
   * University based research projects or individual studies.
   * Professional heritage managers.
   * National thematic study groups.

What is in MIDAS?

MIDAS contains both the standard, and a manual to assist in the application of the standard to a variety of situations, plus worked examples of how the standard can be applied.