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Locating Postboxes





From website:

Help locate unlocated postboxes the Royal Mail supplied a list of every postboxs location, but unfortunately, it did not have useful co-ordinates, only postcodes or sub-postcodes and some textual data. So I wrote this site: look up the postboxes near you by entering the first half of your postcode, locate one whose location you know on the map, pick which postbox youve located, and submit. The pages also include postbox last collection times, if we know them.

Openness Open. Website says:

As postbox location is derived solely from the map (the list is simply to help prevent people locating the same postbox twice), and the simple fact of the geographic position of a postbox is not a copyrightable work, I believe the data can be licensed as public domain, and contributed to OpenStreetMap etc., as the location is not being derived from the list (the list is not good enough to do that :) ).