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The Administrative Boundaries Local Government Boundaries Dataset is the spatial representation of the Local Government areas of Queensland. The dataset provides the map base for systems dealing with Local Government areas and provides data in order to generate hard copy map products. The dataset is a reference layer for spatial information systems in Queensland.

  For coastal Local Government areas, the Local Government area comprises the mainland and all islands above their respective sea-shores within the encompassed area, except for Brisbane Local Government area, which comprises the mainland above Low-Water Mark and includes the whole of Fisherman, Green, Mud and St Helena Islands (being islands situated in or adjacent to Moreton Bay) above the Low-Water Mark, excepting land lying below High-Water Mark on both banks of the Brisbane River and any other river, creek or stream within the area.
  Although Weipa Town LG area is not included in the Local Government Act, it is recognised as a Local Government under the Commonwealth Aluminium Corp Pty Ltd Agreement (Weipa Town Plan) Regulation 1994 Sub Legislation No 339. Although the Island community councils are not included in the Local Government Act, they are recognised as Local Governments under the Community Services (Torres Strait) Act and associated Regulations.


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