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Linked Dutch National Regulations





NOTE: This is a pre-release, 'snapshot' only, no frequent

  updates, no performance

This dataset contains almost all Dutch national regulations in the CEN MetaLex XML, RDF Linked Data and Pajek Network formats. Current coverage is in the order of 27k documents, practically all regulations hosted at href="">

The regulations were automatically converted by means of a (hopefully) generic conversion script, that is able to perform a similar conversion for any 'legislative' XML based on a standard mapping from legacy XML elements to CEN MetaLex.

Metadata follows the guidelines of the CEN MetaLex standard. Legislative events are represented both by means of the MetaLex ontology, as well as using the Open Provenance Model vocabulary (OPMV) and the Simple Event Model (SEM)

All URIs are resolvable following the Linked Data principles for Cool URIs.