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Mainly seem to be an aggregator of data from elsewhere. From front page:

The purpose of the Libre Map Project is to aggregate and make digital maps and related GIS data available for Free.

Data - search and download Maps and other GIS data

Documentation - information on Cartography and GIS related topics brought to you by Wikipedia.

Email us - maps AT libremap DOT org

  Available Data

24k scale USGS DRG's - detailed topographic maps for all 50 states.

SVG boundary border files for all US states (including state, county, and town boundaries)

TIGER/Line - All 2003 data is available.

GeoNames - All USGS place names are available for searching. The data can be used to find appropriate DRG's.

Openness: OPEN

    License: good. (though some questions about applying CC by-sa to what was originally PD information).

    Access: good.

    www: yes.

    api: no.

    bulk: yes.