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Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry Global Sea Level Time Series





A data product of NOAA's href="">Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry. From their website:

The following tables provide estimates of sea level rise based on measurements from satellite radar altimeters. Plots and time series are available for TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P), Jason-1, and Jason-2, which have monitored the same ground track since 1992, and for most of the altimeters that have operated since 1991, including T/P, Jason-1, Jason-2, ERS-2, GFO, and Envisat.

Only altimetry measurements between 66S and 66N have been processed. An inverted barometer has been applied to the time series. The estimates of sea level rise do not include glacial isostatic adjustment effects on the geoid, which are modeled to be +0.2 to +0.5 mm/year when globally averaged.

Openness In publications, presentations, or on web pages based on LSA data the following acknowledgment should be included.

  "Altimetry data are provided by the NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry."

See Also Essentially the same data is available in the href="">Colorado Sea Level Change package, Other sea level datasets are available in CKAN, href="">search for the tag sea-level.

Other datasets are available from LSA.