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KildareStreet is a non-partisan website run by a group of volunteers which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their representatives in Ireland's Houses of the Oireachtas.

Downloading Data that drives the site is available for bulk download or through an API

Openness The web application code is licensed under a BSD type license. The source XML data for parliamentary proceedings is published on the Oireachtas web site itself at predictable URIs in the format

Where 'aaa' is either DAL or SEN (for the Dail or Seanad), and YYYYMMDD is the date of a sitting day of parliament.

KildareStreet keeps an error-corrected copy archive in SVN at href="">KForge

The source material is under Oireachtas Copyright. Kildarestreet takes advantage of the exemption in the Copyright Act for 'fair and accurate reporting' of the proceedings of parliament. Other uses of the data may be less acceptable to the copyright holders.

Our own data, such as lists of current and former TDs and Senators dating back to 2004-01-20 and related links, are available by API and licensed under CC-Attribution-ShareAlike.