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Juneberry 78s Early American Roots Music





Interesting selection of jazz, blues, folk, gospel and other American roots music digitised by Juneberry 78.

Openness Regarding rights, they write:

These Public Domain MP3s are presented for Historical and Educational purposes.

They also include the following disclaimer:

Public Domain Disclaimer

The pre-1972 selections on these MP3s are assumed to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Further, they were digitized by the Juneberry team from analog sources in our archives. We spent hundreds of hours creating WAV files from our Records (78s, 45s and LPs) and Tapes (reel to reel and casette). The WAV files were later ripped to MP3s. If anyone has written proof that any selections are not PUBLIC DOMAIN, please notify us. Those selections will no longer be made available on this website.