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Welcome to the International Music Score Library Project! IMSLP attempts to create a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge. You can read the full list of goals that IMSLP will try to achieve.

IMSLP also encourages the exchange of musical ideas, both in the form of musical works, and in the analysis of existing ones. Therefore, feel free to create/edit a page with your analysis of a particular piece (please use the "Discussion" link on the work page of that particular piece).

License IMSLP follows Canadian Copyright Law.

All scores submitted to IMSLP either belong to the public domain, or permission has been granted by the holder of the copyrights so that the files can be submitted to IMSLP (as is the case of contemporary composers who wish to have their works submitted to IMSLP).

All of the content is legally available in the U.S. and Canada. Anything not allowed in the EU is clearly marked as such.

A large proportion of the scores are public domain in nearly all territories (e.g. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven). There are also many scores (e.g. by Gershwin, Stravinsky, R. Strauss) here which are still in copyright in most territories, but are out of copyright in Canada where the collection is based. There are also a number of scores (e.g. web-savvy contemporary composers) available under other licenses, including all sorts of CC.

There is also a great deal of meta data on the site about the pieces. It is not very structured - mediawiki pages / tables. This 'data' is licensed under GFDL.