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From wikipedia:

  The institute is one of the world's largest documentary- and research-centres for social history. Items in its custody include those relating to Karl Kautsky, Augustin Souchy, Georg von Vollmar, Friedrich Adler, Max Nettlau, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, Leon Trotsky (six continuous metres' worth of material), Wolfgang Abendroth and Wolfgang Harich, as well as the archives of Russia's Socialist-Revolutionary Party (1834-1934). Items belonging to anarchist and Trotskyist fighters in the Spanish Civil War are also numerous. Furthermore, the archive of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (214 metres' worth of material) is also located at the IISG.

An API with information about their archive (that can be visited) is available.

Image collection:

The image collection held by the IISH includes about 250,000 photos and 138,000 negatives.

The Institute has one of the largest collections of posters in the Netherlands (ca. 118,200) as well as several hundred banners.

In addition, the collections include a considerable number of films (ca. 2500) and videos (ca. 4000). Over 150,000 digital images are available from the visual documents collection. There is a subject index in the thesaurus. (