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Source is a society on the Net: it enables people, companies and any human group or organization to connect, interact and work according to their interests. The project is in public beta phase since September 2009. It already has 12,000 subscribers and a knowledge network of more than 1000 community on topics related to innovation, technology, business and education, among others. works within the philosophy of Open Data and proposes a solution so that data can be linked (Linked Data). Data are expressed in OWL-RDF files.

Currently, more than 50,000 resources have been published in the platform. For each resource, the platform enables to download an RDF document describing its content and metadata. Different languages such as FOAF, SIOC and SKOS are used in this description. Our whole dataset has about 4,500,000 RDF Triples. In addition, most of these resources are linked to one or more resources of the Freebase and New York Time datasets. We have about 20,000 links to these datasets.