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Given Name Frequency Project





Quite a bit of data is available for download but only individually (not in a single file). According to web page have have:

    GINAP  code to standardize given names and correct common problems in name samples. Such standardization is an important step in analysis of given names.

    Popular given names, US 1801 to 1999  a collection of sets of standardized female and male names by decade, with counts of occurrences for names with more than 10 occurrances in the samples.

    Samples of names from England before 1800  name samples from a diverse set of sources, with raw and standardized names available.

    Popularity of the name Mary over the past 800 years. For discussion of related sixteenth-century English history, Shakespeare family history, and Maria and Olivia in Twelfth Night, see Sense in Communication (Secttion IV, pp. 82-112).

    Sample of cotton workers in Manchester, 1818-19  relatively rich dataset used to study the development of the early factory workforce. Also a source of personal names.