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Library of Congress Authority data harvested in December 2006. From the href="">readme:

Using a custom agent, we were able to harvest 6.95 million authority records using the publicly accessible interface to the Library of Congress authority files located at

Retrieved records have been converted into MarcXML

Accented characters have been converted into NFC (Composed Normal Form).

Initial checks against indicate that the retreived data faithfully reflect that on the original system; however these checks are still only preliminary.

Cross checks against Classification Web have revealed some inconsistencies. For this reason, we are releasing this data for research purposes only. This data is not suitable for production use.

Openness: OPEN (?)

License: Public Domain though issues outside of the US (see the  href="">readme which states:

These data are works of the United States Government and as such are not subject to copyright within the United States. (17 U.S.C 105).

The Library of Congress has copyrighted these data for use outside the United States. Contact the LC for permission prior to use or distribution of this data outside the United States. www.loc.govmds.html

Access: good.

    bulk: yes.