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The Berkeley FrameNet project is creating an on-line lexical resource for English, based on frame semantics and supported by corpus evidence. The aim is to document the range of semantic and syntactic combinatory possibilities (valences) of each word in each of its senses, through computer-assisted annotation of example sentences and automatic tabulation and display of the annotation results. The major product of this work, the FrameNet lexical database, currently contains more than 10,000 lexical units (defined below), more than 6,100 of which are fully annotated, in more than 825 semantic frames, exemplified in more than 135,000 annotated sentences. It has gone through three releases, and is now in use by hundreds of researchers, teachers, and students around the world (see FrameNet Users). Active research projects are now seeking to produce comparable frame-semantic lexicons for other languages and to devise means of automatically labeling running text with semantic frame information.

Openness Not open. href="">Licensing page says:

For users who want a machine-readable copy of the FrameNet data, three kinds of licenses are available:

    Commercial License, for commercialization and product development. License Fee: U.S. $5,000. (View Commercial License Agreement.)

    Non-commercial license, for non-commercial use in teaching, research, and development, whether or not associated with a university or research institution. (View Non-commercial License Agreement.)

    Custom licenses for broader commercial rights can be arranged.