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The Henry III Fine Rolls Project is a three year enterprise commencing in April 2005, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It aims to publish the Fine Rolls of Henry III from 1216 down to 1248. It is hoped that a second three year project will complete publication down to the end of the reign in 1272.

There is a fine roll for each of Henry III's fifty-six regnal years held in the National Archives at Kew in the record series C 60. Containing offers of money to the king for a multiplicity of concessions and favours, as well as a great deal of other material, they are of the first importance for the study of political, governmental, legal, social, and economic history.

Openness: NOT Open Details on the href="">copyright page but in essence:

    License: this depends on what one is licensing.

    Original images of the rolls: copyright National Archives and "may be used only for purposes of research, private study or education" (for other uses you have to write to them and see).

    Latin text itself: obviously this should be public domain but the latin text is not made available (though one might want to be cautious given Sawkins vs. Hyperion).

    English translations: nothing stated regarding the copyright in these but given the addition of scholarly notes etc etc these are almost certainly copyright someone or other.

    Access: direct web access to images and translations but not automated bulk access provided.