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Financial Tracking Service (FTS)





The FTS is a global, real-time database which records all reported global international humanitarian aid.

Details The FTS is a global, real-time database which records all reported international hummanitarian aid (including that for NGOs and the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement, bilateral aid, in-kind aid, and private donations). FTS features a special focus on consolidated and flash appeals, because they cover the major humanitarian crises and because their funding requirements are well defined - which allows FTS to indicate to what extent populations in crisis receive humanitarian aid in proportion to needs. FTS is managed by the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). All FTS data are provided by donors or recipient organisations.

  The FTS is a web-based searchable database of humanitarian requirements and contributions. It serves to analyse aid and monitor accountability among humanitarian actors, by clearly indicating to what extent a certain population receives humanitarian relief aid, and in what proportion to needs. The FTS offers a series of standard tables that show humanitarian aid flows in various formats, and also allows users to produce custom financial tables on demand.
  ReliefWeb is an information portal formed by OCHA in 1996 as a way to rapidly share humanitarian information across the world. Its mandate is to strengthen the response capacity of the international humanitarian community through the timely dissemination of reliable information.