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Eurostat Energy Data





The domain Energy covers a broad spectrum of data.

Energy quantities: Annual data on crude oil, oil products, natural gas, electricity, solid fuels and renewables covering the full spectrum of the energy balance positions from supply through transformation to final energy consumption by sector and fuel type.

  Monthly data on crude oil, oil products, natural gas, electricity and solid fuels, covering mainly the supply side.

Energy prices: Half-yearly data on electricity and natural gas prices both for industrial end-users as well as for households; together with pump prices of premium unleaded gasoline 95 RON and diesel oil, as well as prices of heating oil and residual fuel oil. Prices are provided without taxes, with VAT and with all taxes included in monetary units (euro, national currencies and purchasing power parities).

Energy indicators: Seven selected energy indicators belonging to the major collection Structural indicators and four indicators belonging to the collection Euro indicators are included.