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href="">About page says:

ARCHISplus (French ARChives HIStoriques) is the database of the Historical Archives of the European Commission and contains references to files of European institutions from their beginnings to today. It is extracted from an internal database, Archis, and includes references to access historical files open to the public according to current community regulations on historical records (30 years rule).

At present the database includes references to files of the High Authority of the ECSC, the ECSC Consultative Committee and the Committee of Four Presidents, Euratom, the European Economic Commission and the Commission of the European Communities for the period ranging from 1952 to 1977.

Downloading Material can only be accessed via a search interface. A search term is required, hence there is no obvious way to view all material chronologically.

It seems that the majority of the material is available in French.

Openness Free to be re-used as long as attribution is given. The href="">Copyright notice on the European Commission website states:

Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged, save where otherwise stated.

Where prior permission must be obtained for the reproduction or use of textual and multimedia information (sound, images, software, etc.), such permission shall cancel the above-mentioned general permission and shall clearly indicate any restrictions on use.