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The European Commission is committed to guarantee full transparency on the beneficiaries of funds in line with the requirements of Article 30 of the Financial Regulations. This section of the EuropeAid website has been created for you to find the information covering all the methods used in the implementation of external assistance under the responsibility of EuropeAid Co-operation Office, whether financed under the General Budget of the Communitities or the European Development Fund.

Downloading Material is available through a search interface:

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Many records can be seen by altering number of records per page to a large number, e.g. 3000:

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Total of 2143 records on 2009-04-28.

No bulk downloading facility.

Some budget data is available in PDF format, including:


     href="">Africa, Carribean  Pacific

     href="">Asia  Central Asia

     href="">European Neighbourhood

     href="">Latin America

     href="">EU contributions to United Nations Agencies

     href="">EU contributions to World Bank

     href="">EU contributions to other international organisations


    Contacted about accessing raw data (in XML, CSV, XLS, ...) on 22nd April 2009.

    Followed up on 28th April 2009 and email to the contact email address ( bounced.

    Contacted Joseph Schermesser and Almudena Morante from EuropeAid Co-operation Office on 28th April 2009.

Data Fields include:

    Contract N


    DAC code

    DAC sector


    Organisation nationality


    Action location

    Amount in 

    EC financing

    Total cost in 


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