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Comprehensive, collaborative, ever-growing, and personalized, the Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of websites that makes all key information about life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our goal is to create a constantly evolving encyclopedia that lives on the Internet, with contributions from scientists and amateurs alike. To transform the science of biology, and inspire a new generation of scientists, by aggregating all known data about every living species. And ultimately, to increase our collective understanding of life on Earth, and safeguard the richest possible spectrum of biodiversity.

Openness: Mixed License Does not have a single license but allow for use of any of main CC licenses (some of which are incompatible!). Specifically it href="">states:

Content available on this site has been provided by EOL's data partners, who may have placed restrictions on how you can re-use that content.


In most cases, EOL data partners have made content available for re-use under one of the following Creative Commons licenses:

[ CC-By, CC-By-SA, CC-By-NC, CC-By-NC-SA ]

NC license are not open which By and By-SA are (furthermore By-SA is incompatible with both by-nc and by-nc-sa!).