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Ecomonic Model of Future Electricity Supply (MARKAL)





The MARKet Allocation (MARKAL) data model is designed for the purpose of choosing future electricity sources.

For example the UK model contains the energy sources:

    Combined Heat and Power



    Gas-fired Power


and there are extra considerations for CO2 pipeline and storage.

For each of the energy source the UK MARKAL model has values for:

    First year available

    Construction period (years) 

    Efficiency (%)

    Availability (%)

    Capital cost (/kW)

    OM (fixed)  (/kW)

    OM (variable)  (/GJ)


    Life (years)

Some energy sources have extra information specific to them.

The model does not contain details for:

    availability of locations for the power plants

    availability of resources for construction

    costs of construction

    other forms of energy other than electricity

2007 MARKAL Input for DECC More details about the 2007 MARKAL input parameters for the Department of Energy and Climate Change are available at:

It includes an explanation of why there are two sheets for every energy source, that is:

    In the first worksheet the data is included in the form in which it is presented in the original sources.

    In the second worksheet (marked A - for Adjusted) the units and currencies are converted to those of the MARKAL model.

Notes have been inserted to indicate the currency or unit of measurement.

The numbers which have been subject to adjustment have been highlighted in yellow.

A separate sheet showing the conversion factors used has been included ('Conversion').

MARKAL Schema Following a Freedom of Information request for the MARKAL schema ( it would seem the documentation for the schema is at:

Other useful information about MARKAL