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"Eurostats mission is to provide the European Union with a high-quality statistical information service."

Very large amount of data on a wide variety of European statistics.

There are currently over 5000 gzipped data files in tsv (tab separated values), dft and SDMX-ML (XML) formats at:

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href="">Themes are:

    General and regional statistics

    Economy and finance]

    Population and social conditions

    Industry, trade and services

    Agriculture and fisheries

    External trade


    Environment and energy

    Science and technology

Openness: OPEN Access Bulk access is available (registration is not required):

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An RDF version of the country codes, NUTS geographical areas, and Eurostat legal acts list is available as:


Third-party RDF conversions of various timeliness and quality are available as:




Note that Eurostat data are updated very frequently: third-party sites will not have the latest version of the data unless they are updated every day.

Licence Eurostat allows free use and re-use of data, include re-use for commercial purposes, with a few specific exceptions which are explained href="">here

Exceptions Note that the href="">Eurostat microdata datasets are not open (from linked page):

Microdata are confidential data which contain information about individual statistical units.

The current legal framework enables access to anonymised microdata available at Eurostat only for scientific purposes.

Specific conditions on how to obtain microdata can be found under each section on the left.

The following microdata sets exist:

    ECHP (European Community Household Panel)

    LFS (Labour Force Survey)

    CIS (Community Innovation Survey)

    AES (Adult Education Survey)

    EU-SILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions)

    SES (Structure of Earnings Survey)

    FSS (Farm Structure Survey)

The above mentioned sets are being disseminated except for FSS, which will follow in due course.

Additional information will be announced at this website when available.