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eCrystals Southampton





eCrystals - Southampton is the archive for Crystal Structures generated by the Southampton Chemical Crystallography Group and the EPSRC UK National Crystallography Service.

The information contained within each entry of this archive is all the fundamental and derived data resulting from a single crystal X-ray structure determination, but excluding the raw images. The results have not been externally refereed, but the information supplied should enable any reader to check the reliability and validity directly, since all the files provided are freely available for download.

Openness: OPEN License - Public-domain, Open Data.

Any reader wishing to have access to the raw images is welcome to contact us, and we will make arrangements for these to be made available.

Readers are welcome to use these results for further studies, but such re-use should be fully acknowledged by a suitable reference to the specific archive entry, as in normal scientific publication practice.