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Democracy time-series dataset: Variable labels.





Democracy Timeseries Data Release 3.0, January 2009

This dataset is in a country-year case format, suitable for time-series analysis. It contains data on the social, economic and political characteristics of 191 nations with over 600 variables from 1971 to 2007. It merges the indicators of democracy by Freedom House, Vanhanen, Polity IV, and Cheibub and Gandhi, plus selected institutional classifications and also socio-economic indicators from the World Bank. New variables including the KOF Globalization Index and the new Norris-Inglehart Cosmopolitan Index. Note that you should check the original codebooks for the meaning and definition of each of the variables. The period for each series also varies. Note that the Excel version is for Office 2007 only. This is the dataset used in the book, Driving Democracy.

January 2009

Stored in Stata, SPSS, Excel and CSV.